The App Basics are free to use and offer comprehensive insight into millions of apps on the App Store and Google Play. Review information such as app descriptions, screenshots, rank history, reviews, and monthly download and revenue estimates.

Daily/Hourly Category Ranking History

View historical data for any app, across multiple countries and platforms. Benchmark your ranking against your past performance and other apps that you track.

Compare any combination of apps of your choice. Adjust your time interval as you wish, from a 7-days overview to an annual comparison of your apps. Want to see your data on a spreadsheet to analyze it better? Just click “Export CSV” and enjoy. ...see more details

Review History

Utilize Review History to examine past reviews left for your app by country, version, rating, and date. Easily see the ramifications of app updates, price changes, and other changes on user feedback....see more details

Competitive Analysis

AppCicada’s auto-discovery of competitors will help you find competitors on marketplaces and analyze their keyword strategies and performances automatically.

Evaluate your competitors’ category rankings, visibility scores, as well as keyword selection strategy. Research keyword alternatives and adjust your own to either compete with or avoid your competitors....see more details

Improve your app store visibility to stand out from your competitors