9 Major Android Markets at a Glance

China has an estimated 500 million smartphone users, which dwarfs the user base of nearly every other country on Earth. Because of various government-imposed restrictions, the country boasts several hundreds of Android app stores. AppCicada is the first company to cover 9 major android markets in China, which account for more than 95% of android downloads in the country. ...see more details

Any App’s Total Downloads

Needless to say, number of downloads is a metric of utmost importance. Whether you want to measure your daily downloads in all Android markets, or you want to take a peek to your competitor’s download numbers, AppCicada has done the tedious work for you and offer the download data in one place....see more details

Featured App History

Featuring in the app stores has a huge impact on app performance. Checking all featured position in 9 markets is a daunting tasks. AppCicada's Featured App insights are a powerful way to dig into the store dynamics driving app performance....see more details

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