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Analyze the Top Rankings Charts for the App Store to quickly understand the competitive landscape in any category or country for a given date. App Cicada is the only site that track hourly snapshots of category leaderboard. ...see more details

Visibility Leaderboard

Our proprietary Visibility Score metric is an estimate of app downloads coming from searches in App Store. Explore the visibility Leaderboard to discover which apps have received the most downloads from searches....see more details

Daily New App Reports

Our Daily New App Reports is the most important resource in your tool set for staying relevant in the app economy. Today new content is the lifeblood of the app economy and it's impossible to be successful without having insight into new apps releases. Use this report to stay ahead of your competition, monitor user trends, and be a fast-follower....see more details

Daily Inactive App Reports

Discover top apps that have been removed from App Store every day. Understand the reasons behind the removal and avoid the same mistakes. ...see more details

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